Thala Ajith | Early Life & Family

Ajith Kumar, Indian actor who is known by his title Thala Ajith in Tamil Cinema (language:Tamil). He is one of the most powerful celebrities in Tamil Nadu, he has a huge fan following. Even other state cinema industries (other languages) have followers for him.

Thala Ajith is the only actor who cancelled all his fan clubs officially but still more fans are increasing for him. He is loved by everyone not just because of his acting or performance, he is a true gentlemen in the cinema industry.   

Early Life & Family 

Thala Ajith was born on 1st May 1971 in India.

School: Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School

Father Name: P. Subramaniam

Mother Name: Mohini

Siblings: Anoop Kumar & Anil Kumar

Wife Name: Shalini

Children: Anoushka Kumar & Aadvik Kumar

The Journey of Thala Ajith made him take a risk in life at early school stage itself, he chose racing and became a dropped out of Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School. Following his own passion was always there for Ajith. 

Ajith created and runs a Non Profit Organisation called Mohini-Mani Foundation, he named it after his parents. It promotes self-hygiene and civic consciousness.

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